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PCA Skin Resurfacing Treatments  
PCA Professional peels provide highly effective results in the treatment of all skin types. PCA peels are essential to overall skin health and provide added nutrients for faster, more dramatic results. PCA peels consist of modified and enhanced Jessner's, blended TCA peels and therapeutic masks. PCA peels produce dramatic results treating varied skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles without the discomfort and downtime associated with traditional harsh peels. The naturally occurring alpha Hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta Hydroxy acids (BHAs), retinol and Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) found in the PCA Professional Products used in the treatments loosen dead cells from the skin's surface, revealing new, healthy cells and smooth, radiant, glowing skin. PCA Professional peels can also be enhanced by add-on therapies such as high-frequency to eliminate acne, ultrasonic to penetrate products and LED Light Therapy and/or Oxygen Therapy to rejuvenate or to treat acne.  PCA Professional peels generally don’t include extractions. Continue the enhancement of your skin by the use of PCA Skin Professional Products. Your Esthetician can recommend products appropriate for your specific skincare issues.


PCA Professional Custom Peel
This treatment is a customized peel, ideal for treating a range of skin conditions. Ideal for sensitive skin to resilient skin types, clogged pores, active/cystic acne, pigmentation, melasma and asphyxiated skin. It is an extremely effective treatment for those who desire a deeper peel treatment.
60 minutes - $125

PCA Sensi Peel
This gentle solution will strengthen and brighten the skin while helping to treat sun damage and other forms of hyperpigmentation. This multi-faceted treatment also provides anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and antibacterial action. This treatment helps calm Rosacea and is excellent for extremely sensitive skin types. It is also excellent for the treatment of aging skin, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles.
60 minutes - $125

PCA Oxygenating Peel
An advanced anti-oxidant treatment which increases tissue respiration then stimulates skin metabolism to move toxins and destructive free radicals out of the tissue. Effectively helps slow the appearance of the visible signs of skin aging, kill's bacteria and leaves the skin glowing, clear and healthy-looking. This treatment excellent for skin in need of hydration or for tired skin due to environmental damage and smoking, aging and acne will benefit also.
60 minutes - $125

PCA Professional Pumpkin Peel
This peel is a powerful antioxidant treatment that brightens and rejuvenates the skin. The treatment has simultaneous actions; it exfoliates and draws impurities out of the skin while introducing vitamins, enzymes and nutrients into the skin. This is an excellent treatment for smokers as it stimulates circulation and provides vitamin nutrition.
60 minutes - $125

PCA Esthetique Peel
An excellent treatment for smoothing, firming and brightening of all skin types, even extra-sensitive skin, including Rosacea and acne. This advanced formulation of lactic acid and retinol, along with a host of antioxidants, vitamins, humectants and brightening ingredients, improves the texture of the skin and also helps correct many types of skin discoloration.
60 minutes - $125

PCA Clarifying Mask Peel
This peel consist of a  20% salicylic acid blend of cherry extract and other natural ingredients makes this an ideal choice for helping to improve acne, breakout-prone skin and sluggish, dull complexions. It's exfoliating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits refine skin texture and bring new brightness and freshness to the skin.
60 minutes - $100


Herbal Resurfacing Treatments
100% Natural Herbs.  New Skin in just 5 Days!  Through this method of regeneration, blood circulation will be increased; Skin metabolic processes will be stimulated, which in turn causes germination of skin cells and production of new collagen fibers.  The results: a brighter, fresher, smoother and rejuvenated appearance.  Herbal A-Peel treatment produces remarkable results in the following areas:  poorly nourished tired skin, large pored skin, oily skin and skin impurities.  Scars caused by acne, accidents, burns and surgery.   Sun-damaged skin, uneven skin tone and some forms of hyper-pigmentation.  Reduces wrinkles, firms and tightens skin.

Herbal Beauty Peel Treatment
This treatment is an all natural peeling method to exfoliate, renew and regenerate the skin.  This treatment uses only pure plant ingredients instead of harsh chemical or synthetic ingredients.  A mixture of small crushed herbs and plant extract particles gently polish the skin while increasing blood circulation inducing regeneration of the skin by producing new cells and collagen fibers.  Treatment improves skin texture, tone, clarity and restores your skin's natural glow.  (no extractions on this treatment)

60 minutes - $125


The NewApeel® Petite Exfoliation System using the patented DiamondTome™ wand the treatment is a safe, therapeutic approach to smoother, more youthful skin.  MicroExfoliation is a technique that removes the topmost layer of skin, benefiting anyone who wants to improve specific skin conditions and rejuvenate the overall health and appearance of their skin. The NewApeel® Petite system removes this layer by gently polishing the skin with natural diamond chips bonded to the tip of the wand, while vacuuming the exfoliated skin cells away in a controlled manner. Removing this outer layer leaves a smoother texture and promotes the growth of healthy new skin. Unlike other exfoliation treatments, the NewApeel® Petite uses no loose abrasives to contaminate you or the environment. 

This treatment can be performed on the face, neck, chest, hands, back, legs, elbows, and feet. It can be used alone, or in combination with other treatments. To achieve maximum results, several treatments are recommended. The NewApeel® Petite treatment is non-invasive, pain-free and requires no down time. Your skin is left feeling supple and vibrant

Microdermabrasion Treatment
This special technique uses no acid, no laser and has no pain and no recovery time. It's designed to remove superficial layers of the skin leaving the skin silky smooth. It removes excess oil and improves scarring from acne. It reduces fine line wrinkles and helps restore sun damaged skin. The technique is done by gently polishing the skin with natural diamond chips on the tip of the wand that exfoliates and rejuvenates rough dry skin revealing new softer skin.  Enhance your treatment by adding Hydro Wand Infusion, LED Light Therapy or/and Oxygen Therapy to soften, smooth and rejuvenate your skin. For an intensive treatment and deep exfoliation you can add on a peel.

Include a add on Microdermabrasion Diamond Tip treatment to andy facial treatment to enhance soft and smooth skin and the effectiveness of skincare products.  Add on treatment includes one sweep of the face, compared to three swipes with the full microdermabrasion treatment.  (additional pricing applies to add on services)
Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion - 50 minutes $100

Crystal Mega Peel Microdermabrasion - 50 minutes $125
LED add on treatment - 20 minutes - $35
Hydro Wand Infusion - 15 minutes - $50
Oxygen Infusion Therapy add on treatment - 35 minutes - $100
Chemical Peel add on treatment - $89

Add on Microdermabrasion Treatment - 15 minutes $45

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