Cypress Day Spa & Salon
       2323 4th Street
       Santa Rosa, CA     95404


Licensed Aesthetician, Electrologist, and owner of Cypress Day Spa & Salon, Amelia James has dedicated herself to the enhancement, health and maintenance of all of her clients skincare needs. With her extensive experience, training and product knowledge she is able to serve the diversity of her client base. Amelia is able to provide the best in aesthetic therapies and products for all of her clients.

Amelia always continues to advance her education, training and product knowledge so that she may be able to provide her clients with the most current state of the art treatment therapies.

More recently, Amelia became certified in Oncology Aesthetics to help improve the skincare health of individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer.

With a passion for wellness, enhancement and health of all of her client's aesthetic skincare needs, Amelia works hard to deliver optimal healing and balancing therapies.

Amelia James welcomes you to Cypress Day Spa & Salon, where personalized facial and body treatments are performed in a comfortable and relaxing environment.



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